UNC’s journalism school has a new name after $25 million gift

Congrats to the UNC journalism and media family on its historic gift.  With a $25 million gift to the school, the Hussman family is investing heavily in the future of journalism and the media professions and reinforcing those values for the next generation of media leaders being trained at Carolina.  At a time when public polls show trust in journalism slipping, the Hussmans are doubling down on their commitment to restoring that bond and trust between media and the public.

“I believe that by adopting these core values, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s journalism school can be the leader and serve as an example for other journalism schools in America to follow,” said Hussman, the chairman of WEHCO Media Inc., which owns newspapers, magazines and cable television systems in six states. “This is a key reason why we enthusiastically support the school and the University. This is a first, but important step, in renewing the public’s trust in our profession and the news media.”

Hussman‘s core values will be chiseled in granite at the entryway of Carroll Hall for students to see daily.

For more info see: http://hussman.unc.edu/news/historic-announcement-25-million-gift-transforms-journalism-and-media-carolina